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Actiontek Vehicle Action

As former National Champion Motorcycle Racers, as well as Auto Race Drivers, Actiontek understands Vehicle Action. From the Vehicle Choreograpy to the technical/ mechanical preperation, Actiontek has all that is required for a truly action packed sequence.

Actiontek, from Motorcycles riding and jumping on moving trains to trucks and cars cannoning into the air in congested traffic, we have the experience and the technical skill to make it happen.

Actiontek carries a full Auto Stunt Package; complete with Cannons, pipe ramps, wheel ramps, wheel scales, cages , turning brake set ups, and remote drive vehicle packages, 5 pt harnesses, racing seats, fuel cells, helmets, as well as a full Safety Package with fire suits and extinguishers of several types.

Actiontek also has full fabrication abilities, welding, cutting, machining, tube bending, etc. to have the ability to create the technology for any Vehicle Stunt.

Actiontek also has a Camera Bike to capture all of that action up close, which features a moving Vertical axis for the camera to dolly up and down, while moving!! (see camera bike)

At Actiontek, we have the skill, the experience and the technology to make it be totally exiting yet extremely safe.

Please contact us with your specific requirements.

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