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Actiontek Rigging

Rigging is a specialty at Actiontek.

We are ETCP Certified Riggers, as well as Acrobatic/ Performer Riggers. We hire Certified Technicians for our Wirework, and have the best equipment available, as well as some equipment that is of our own design and only available at Actiontek. We have our own Tensile Tester, and Proof Test and Break Test our designs and gear regularly. We Know what we use….

Actiontek Rigging features Ratchets and trigger boxes with very efficient design, allowing safer use. We have Decelerators as well, allowing up to 30m of decel from high falls, with pinpoint repeatable stops. We have the only Airless Rams, which work better than mini- tramps, as well as conventional rams.

Actiontek produces our own specialty equipment. All of the devices are plug and play…. Meaning, depending on the use or situation, we have all of the parts premade, ready to bolt together. We do not cobble together mechanical advantage systems, or compound rigging. We have billet aluminum heads with bearing fairleads that bolt to our trusses for these set- ups. Our Ratchets have various premade heads, depending on application; decide the use, and it attaches ready to go. We belive Rigging is a System, not just a bunch of parts.

Actiontek also purchases the best Commercially available products for our use in the industry. We have hundreds of High Speed Sheaves, along with a huge inventory of the best types of connectors, etc. Actiontek carries a full Truss Package, anchor package, and many other items. We are the most complete source for any and all rigging.

At Actiontek, as ETCP Certified Riggers, ALL of our gear carries Provenance; we collect and log ALL of the data on our Rope Use, Hardware Use, and keep full files on it's condition. It is regularly inspected and refurbished, and all of this is logged. We believe that safety is not an accident… we spend the extra time, money and effort to maintain the highest standard of equipment. We also extensively use Rope Dynos, which collect data from our real world set- ups, which we log and use to know the exact forces we are dealing with, and stay within safe areas.

Rigging is a Science, and it is an ongoing process of new technology and continued training. We at Actiontek take it very seriously, and we spend a great deal of time and money in ongoing yearly training with acrobatic rigging, mathematics, and new technology.

At Actiontek, we can create the rigging to have an intense, yet safe, performance. For an Xcel spreadsheet of the full rigging package, or for questions about specific rigging, please contact us.

   For more information and/or booking contact James: +49 176 706 42 113 or email at actionunit1@gmail.com