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Actiontek Equipment

Actiontek has state of the art equipment housed in 2 separate 20 foot Sea Container Workshops. These are lined, insulated, with full workshop, lights, power, storage and complete tooling. These workshops can be sent by Truck, Rail, or by Sea to any location in the world, and provide the needed technical backup for all stunts and action sequences.

Actiontek features an extensive Rigging Package (please look under Rigging) that features state of the art Ratchets, Trigger boxes, Decelerators, Air Rams and Descenders. We have a full Truss Package, as well as all of the Rope Equipment, Harnesses, and other mechanics to support all types of flying action. We have the Certifications to implement Rigging Solutions in every situation, and to get the best action in the safest possible way.

Actiontek also carries a full Burn/ Fire Safety package. We have dozens of CO2 Fire Extinguishers, Fire Suits, Gel,also for every burn possibility.

Actiontek carries a full Auto and Motorcycle Vehicle Package. We have 5 point Harnesses, Helmets, Hans as well as Pipe Ramps, Wheel Ramps, Cannons, turning brakes and Remote Drive capabilities.

Actiontek also has a Z Axis Camera Bike, that allows you to film close to the action during your action scenes (please see Camera Bike)

Actiontek also has total fabrication abilities, with Welders (TIG/MIG/SMAW), Plasma cutters, Tube benders and a full complement of other tooling to fabricate whatever is needed for the job at hand.

Actiontek: Where Technology Makes Action Happen

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