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Actiontek Camera Bike

Z-Axis Camera Bike
The Z-Axis Camera Bikes functionality of two wheels in front design, allows for one of the most versatile and stable camera vehicles available to productions today. The Z-Axis has been engineered to handle a variety of camera set-ups from back mounted to forward mounted on vertical speed controlled dolly allowing up to 7ft. of lens height.

The Z-Axis was designed and proven by capturing dynamic footage of high speed chases in close proximity to action while maintaining safety requirements and meeting production budgetary needs. The diversity of the Z-Axis allows a wide range of shooting possibilities from stationary shots to slow moving e.g. walking, riding bike, skate boarding, etc. to high speed action shots.

• Front and/or rear static Mitchell mount can hold various configurations including 2 or 3 axis remote heads
• Front or rear vertical “on the fly” speed controlled dolly can rise and lower <100lbs camera/remote head combo at 2 ft a sec.
• Top speed >75 mph
• Custom engineered suspension to create smooth ride
• 3 wheel articulating wheel design allows for smooth turn transitions while maintaining extreme traction control
• On-road & off-road tire package – for quick change over (<1hr)
• 30” wide, vehicle can perform task not capable from camera car or other specialized camera rig
• $600.00 USD per day including the support trailer, wheel combinations (on-road / off-road), tools, spares & support.
• Operator / Support tech (professional ex-motorcycle racer) at SAG Utility Stunt rate – daily or weekly (if applicable)

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