Stunt School
The primary purpose of the school is to instruct performers in the physical, mental, and technical aspects of the Stunt Profession. The School features a curriculum designed to prepare the performer for a career in the Film Industry as a Stunt Professional. The primary goal is to teach a worldwide level skill set to the students, future Indian Stunt Professionals, focusing on physical skill and safety training to further improve the quality of the Indian Film Industry. The curriculum will also teach etiquette and job performance and interpersonal skills related to the work environment.
  1. To teach the physical skill, body awareness, acrobatics, fight skills, and driving skills required.
  2. To teach the analysis of, and preparation for,any type of stunt. To also know what the best and most safe methods of achieving this Action are.
  3.  To teach the mechanical/ technical skills to create, rig and implement the safest way to perform a stunt effect in action sequences. To be able to analyze a situation for safety and success.
  4. To teach students the techniques for obtaining jobs, the etiquette of the Film workplace, and the interpersonal and business skills required to be a successful Stunt Professional in the Film Industry.
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Further,  Actiontek India will  be involved in the import of any and all equipment required for the purpose of improving the technical and safety aspects of Stunts during Action  Filming, both in training at the School, and also for use in filming, with those students in the industry, as well as existing Stunt Professionals in the Industry currently.

In addition, Actiontek India will be engaging in the fabrication and design, based on international standards, of  any and all devices and apparatus to be used in the stunt industry, which will be used in the instruction of the students during the School, and then furthermore to be used within the current Action Filming to improve the standards and practices within the Indian Film Industry.

Actiontek India will be in the business of creating a school that brings the knowledge of the International Stunt Profession to the Indian students, teaching them all of the best, and safest, methods and skills to succeed in the film industry.

Actiontek India will be a collaboration , with James Bomalick providing technical support and direction, along with teaching skills, and Sanjay Karate managing the day to day operations and teaching of the students at the home facility in  Jalandhar, as well as other facilities and seminars in Mumbai and throughout India
Actiontek India will also work within the Film Industry, with the unions and professionals, to further increase the safety and new training of existing Stunt Professionals in the Indian Film Industry.
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