The mission of Actiontek India is multifold. The Stunt Training School will teach the student in performing stunts for television and motion pictures. The curriculum will train the student, whether currently a stunt performer or just beginning, much like an athlete would be trained, to have the needed physical and mental skills to perform stunts, ranging from the basic to the most complex.. The Actiontek Stunt School will also instruct on the technical set up and logistic requirements to perform all of these stunts in the safest fashion, according to the current top standards of the Hollywood film industry.

The Actiontek India Stunt School will be involved in placing these students within the industry, in an effort to improve the levels of performance and safety within the Indian Film industry.

The additional goal for Actiontek India is to interface with Producers to provide consulting services for their Productions, providing talent and expertise to help increase the artistic and creative design of the stunts as well as the safe performance of them. Actiontek India can provide the Action Director, Fight Coordinators, as well as Stunt Performers and technical support.

The Stunt School will maintain a facility, beginning in Jalandhar,  that will enable students to attend, in units or through entire course blocks to learn all of the skills to perform safely and artistically. Please contact us for current schedules and rates for 2013

Actiontek India will also maintain a complete range of equipment, In India, fort he use in both training, as well as to provide the best worldwide technology for current productions, at a price point that will make it appealing to all productions.

Please contact us for further information regarding the courses and seminars for 2013 and the schedules and costs.

Producers please contact us with your needs, so that we can work with you to further your goals.
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