Actiontek features all of the needed equipment for any complex action sequence. We have state of the art Ratchets, trigger boxes, air rams, etc. As well, we feature a full complement of truss, harnesses, complete burn kits with various gels, firesuits, and nomex wear, as well as our own package of extinguishers, both CO2 and wet ( with cold fire)

Actiontek also has a huge rigging package, for even the biggest jobs, all of it certified and logged. We also only use Certified Riggers for all of our rigging.( ESTA, IRATA, FISAT,SPRAT) We have the ability to design and implement rigging within the engineering standards for all locations.

Actiontek also has a complete auto stunt package, with everything needed for jumps, rolls, cannons, ramps, cages, turning brakes, as well as complete remote drive applications.

Actiontek also has complete fabrication capabilities, with tubing benders, welding machines, plasma cutters, all power and hand tools as a complete fabrication facility to cage autos, install cannons, create custom ramps, make specialty mounts for camera positions, plus anything else that is required for a safe and exciting sequence.

All of this is housed in 2 state of the art 20 foot shipping containers/ self contained workshops, with all tooling, power, lights, etc. to use anywhere in the world. This can ship to any location to provide the needed technical backup for all action sequences.

Actiontek, Where Technology Makes Action Happen
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Actiontek Equipment

Actiontek Equipment
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