Actiontek was created by James Bomalick in response to the needs of filming around the globe. After 20 years in the Film Industry,starting out in Hollywood and learning his technical skills, and on locations around the world, James saw a need to have a dedicated selection of equipment and techniques that could be used for any production, anywhere in the World. To this end, he assembled several containers as mobile shops, as in auto racing, that allowed the correct equipment and work conditions to be transported anywhere needed for filming. The best technology can be used whenever needed, wherever needed.

James Bomalick has worked for over 20 years in the film industry, with extensive commercial work first, then in over 30 action laden feature films. James is a SAG-AFTRA member, and a BVS Stunt Coordinator, and has a background of Stunt Rigging and Automobile/ Motorcycle Stunts. He is a Certified Rigger in the Entertainment Industry (ESTA) and also Rope Access Certified ( IRATA and SPRAT) worldwide  He  was also a professional motorcycle racer (AHDRA), and won several national and regional titles in the U.S., in addition to racing automobiles for 10 years.

Completing this, James is a I.A.M. journeyman machinist; having the ability to design, build or fabricate any mechanical equipment that is required for any sequence.

Add to that mix James is also a member of IATSE 44, the Special Effects Craft, from Hollywood, and holds an Effects Card status with this Craft Union. So, he can integrate the Effects of an action scene with the stunts perfomed, creating truly exciting action, while maintaining safety for the performers.
James Bomalick has gone on to Action Director, where all of this can be combined in one package,
Actiontek is designed to be able to create and implement Action for film anywhere, anytime.

James Bomalick Stunt CV


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